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STEP 1: Create a Slot

Cut a 2" wide (5.1cm) slot along the roof ridge line, (1" on either side of center), but leave 12" at each end uncut. Cut only through the sheathing. Do not cut roof trusses. (On buildings with a ridge board, cut a 3½" (8.9cm) slot, 1¾" (4.4cm) on each side of the ridge line.)

STEP 2: Roll Product

Starting at one gable end, remove release paper exposing the adhesive (sticky side down). Hand press the material onto the roof. Center line provided for straight installation. Roll out The RidgeVent over the entire length of the ridge, including the uncut ends of the roof. The RidgeVent will self-adhere to the roof, making for faster one-person installation. Join any shorter lengths of the product by caulking and butting the ends.

STEP 3: Install Ridge Shingles

Install ridge shingles directly over RidgeVent for shingle roofs according to shingle manufacturer’s instructions. If using nail gun, adjust the air pressure so that nails are not driven home. Leave ¾" space between the roof and the ridge cap shingles. Do not crush or compact the RidgeVent product during installation.

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